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Billing Services

All Trans Software Billing Services is a truly unique option. With our experienced billing staff, we maximize your company’s revenue and help in alleviating the cost of hiring a full-time billing person for your organization. We stay up-to-date with the ever-changing requirements of claims processing and consistently monitor your claims to ensure the highest percentage of collections. Minnesota Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Software, Non-Emergency Transportation Software Minnesota, NEMT Software for providers, non-emergency medical transportation dispatching software
Minnesota Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Software
Minnesota Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Software

Billing Integration

Companies that want to utilize our software for only claims processing and management can integrate All Trans Software with their current dispatching software. This option allows your company to utilize our proven claims processing software for accurate, clean and accepted claim submissions. All Trans Software also has electronic payment posting for easy and reliable management of your claims by auto-posting your payment against your claims.

Payroll Processing

Multiple methods of payroll calculation exist within our software solution. Multiple options give your company that added flexibility in paying your independent contractors. All methods of payroll processing considers the multiple rider discount and makes the appropriate adjustments.
Minnesota Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Software

Driver Portal Access And Electronically Created Trip Sheets

Drivers can easily access (via smartphone or tablet) their scheduled trips for each day and with at most 7-clicks can generate electronic trip sheet documentation. This saves drivers much needed time on the road, having to manually populate paper trip logs and returning them into the office for review. As soon as a trip is completed, your office has access to that trip data, allowing for faster submissions of those trips for payment.

Web Based Dispatching Portal

All Trans Software provides users with a clean and simple interface allowing your dispatchers to easily monitor the status of each ride.  Your staff can re-route trips to alternate drivers, update times and locations while pushing those updates to your drivers via push notification to their mobile application.  Need to quickly find a driver for a return ride?  Use our Same day auto scheduling feature.  Rider calls in asking where their driver is?  Get the ETA with a click of a button.  Is your staff making daily calls for trip verification?  Use our automated Rider verifications.
Minnesota Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Software

Batch Eligibility

All Trans Software offers automated batch eligibilty to identify ineligible members, allowing you to reduce your cost of transporting members for which you will not be reimbursed for.
Minnesota Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Software


All Trans Software offers a large variety of different reports, such as trip data and financial data. All Trans Software has the Medica Monthly Export and a number of pre-formatted county exports for county claim processing. Minnesota Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Software

Live GPS Tracking

With on-board GPS installed on your vehicles, you can see your fleet in motion. Some of the features include Route Replay, Reporting and Driver Ratings, Customized Alerts, and Maintenance Reminders. The onboard GPS allows for the creation of a “Bread Crumb Trail” of each trip for additional documentation. All Trans Software also performs pick up and drop off location verification for each trip. Minnesota Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Software
Minnesota Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Software

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